The cornerstones of our design philosophy are a continuity with the best of the past and an unwavering respect for the natural environment. The homes at Kennebec will be inspired by not one specific style or type of architecture, but rather characterized by the timelessness of authentic design that creates a true sense of place and endures for generations. Our design team believes that simple forms, natural materials, muted colors, homes that seem nestled into the trees with expansive outdoor spaces are elemental to the ultimate family lakeside retreat. Below is a design Nequette Architecture & Design has developed to illustrate just one direction that could be at home at Kennebec.

Kennebec Design Vision

Designs that integrate into the landscape.2018-06-11T19:24:35-06:00
We don’t want to spoil the very natural setting that brought us to Kennebec. The goal throughout the design and building process is to preserve and sustain as much of the natural environment as possible. Kennebec-selected architects design with a scalpel, not an axe – so your views can be achieved without unnecessary destruction on the lot and your home will be nestled into the woods. This is much like how the oldest cabins and retreats built on the lake were conceived and constructed – and why they have been cherished by families for generations.
Low pitched roofs.2018-06-11T19:24:57-06:00
Lower pitched roofs help nestle the homes at Kennebec into each site and make them less visually imposing when viewed from the lake. Imagine in 20, 30 or even 40 years when someone boats up to a dock at Kennebec, and being surprised that a home is even there because it is nestled so well in the land and the environment – that’s our goal.
Seamlessly connected indoor and outdoor spaces.2018-06-11T19:25:18-06:00
A lake lifestyle calls for a home that blends the indoors out. For this reason, the design vision for Kennebec encourages spaces to be designed so large doors and even entire walls open up to bring in lake breezes and stunning views.
Natural materials with a neutral palette.2018-06-11T19:25:35-06:00
The goal is to have the homes at Kennebec complement one another while receding into the surrounding natural environment. This creates a pleasing, unified view when seen from the lake. We are focused on the “1,000 foot view” – ie when you are out of the water and back away 1,000 feet, the homes will meld into the trees because they will have been designed with respect to the topography and trees.
Large expanses of glass to bring the outside in.2018-08-21T13:33:15-06:00
When you hire an architect and builder of the caliber we have selected to help realize the Kennebec vision,  they will visit the site before they ever draw the first wall or turn the first shovel of dirt. Each home will be designed with the site, the views, and the owner’s needs in mind. Sight lines and view corridors will be established from every room – so you will know before you begin what the view will be like from the great room, or the kitchen, or even the master tub. Large windows and whole walls of glass are integral to Kennebec design.
Lakeside porches and balconies.2018-08-21T13:32:58-06:00
This might not worth be noting because they are expected at a lake house, but we want to ensure that each Kennebec home features unique and engaging outdoor spaces. These may take the form of a deck perched high above the water, or a patio tucked lakeside; a rooftop viewing platform or a small private porch off a bedroom – all crafted with unique details and authentic materials.
Authentic materials and exposed structural details.2018-06-11T19:26:50-06:00
These homes are to become a family’s heirloom and destination in the woods for generations to come. To craft this timelessness, we are carrying the natural setting and beauty of the land into the structures at Kennebec. Stone, hewn woods and other natural materials layered and combined in unique and interesting ways will make your home rich in character and comfortable from the day you move in.
Homes that appear as a collection of structures.2018-06-11T19:27:16-06:00
The lots at Kennebec are a rare mix of different elevations – flat home sites, rolling hills, deep valleys and gentle slopes to the lake. Given the topography and wanting to lighten the impact we have on the land, the design guidelines encourage homes that are a collection of smaller buildings rather than one large structure. This allows for all sorts of unique combinations  for families wanting to create a flexible retreat at the lake – and a plan that can be executed as time and budget allow.


Our design team led by Birmingham-based Nequette Architecture and Design has handpicked some of the South’s best architects to bring the homes in Kennebec to life. As a buyer at Kennebec, you will receive a “style guide” to help direct the design of your home. This book provides all the information you and your architect will need to craft a home in the Kennebec style. It is not intended to limit creativity, but rather inspire it. So, you will find it does not prescribe a specific architectural style, but rather leaves the design open enough to address your family’s individual needs and design tastes when interpreted by a talented architect, builder and designer.

To see the level of quality and character Kennebec will have, please visit some of the websites of our preferred architects by selecting a link from the list below.

Bill Ingram Architect
Birmingham, AL; Atlanta, GA

Christopher Architecture & Interiors
Birmingham, AL

Gary Justiss Architecture
Chelsea, AL

Historical Concepts
Atlanta, GA

Jeffrey Dungan Architects
Birmingham, AL

Jones Pierce Architects
Atlanta, GA

Khoury-Vogt Architects
Seacrest, FL

Montgomery, AL; Atlanta, GA; Nashville, TN

Michael G. Imber Architects
San Antonio, TX

Nequette Architecture & Design
Birmingham, AL

Paul Bates Architects
Birmingham, AL

Pledger Architect
Birmingham, AL

Pursley Dixon Architecture
Charlotte, NC

Ruard Veltman Architecture
Charlotte, NC

Summerour Architects
Atlanta, GA

Tippett Sease Baker
Montgomery, AL


When it comes down to execution, it’s the builder’s responsibility to ensure what’s been shown on paper comes to life. For this reason, the Kennebec development team has selected some of the region’s best builders to craft the homes at Kennebec.

All on our list have built homes on Lake Martin, been building for decades, and have crafted some of the most remarkable homes on the lake and beyond.

Chad Stearns Builder, LLC
Eclectic, AL

Francis Bryant Construction
Birmingham, AL

Hufham Farris Construction
Montgomery, AL; Birmingham, AL; Leesburg, GA

Legacy New Homes
Montgomery, AL

Philip Woods Home Builder
Birmingham, AL

New World Homes
Birmingham, AL

Southern Traditions Construction
Pike Road, AL

TCC General Contractors
Alexander City, AL

Realizing the Kennebec Vision.

How is Kennebec different?2018-06-11T19:24:08-06:00
Our development team spent a great deal of time researching what was already built not just at Lake Martin, but also other places around the country. Our research led us to places that are generational family destinations – meaning that generations of families visit these places year after year, forever. Some examples are Highlands or Cashiers, NC; Nantucket, MA; the Adirondacks in upstate New York; Easton, MD; Mackinaw Island, MI; Monteagle, TN, etc. What we determined is that these places not only have a lifestyle, they each have their own architectural vibe. The homes and the landscape become as much a part of the story of place as the people who live there.
It’s not a big suburban-like intown home that makes them tick, but rather a home specific to that place whether it be lakeside, ocean side, in the village or on the side of a mountain. You often see homes that could have evolved over time as the owner’s needs changed and family grew. You see homes that are a part of their landscape. A home that responds to the family’s, the owner’s, and the visitor’s needs. Essentially, a home that becomes the backdrop for the memories made and times the family spends there. That’s what we are trying to achieve at Kennebec. That’s the Kennebec style.
What is Kennebec style?2018-06-11T19:22:30-06:00
It’s not one style, but rather a collection of details, materials and elements that come together to create what your family needs. There’s more detail in the design section that better outline Kennebec style in greater detail, but most deal are really concepts you would expect to find in lake house architecture. For example – porches, decks and patios are required, natural materials and colors are specified, rooms with lots of windows and glass to bring in the views.
What is a little different here is that we would like to see the Kennebec homes a little lower slung and spread out over the lot and developed as possibly a series of structures to keep the massing down. We don’t want these homes to tower over the lake, but rather have them hidden in the trees when viewed from the water – much like some of the early cabins on Lake Martin that are still cherished by families today. They become a part of their site and provide easy access to the water. This is perhaps a little different than what you might find at some other recent lake developments where a more suburban city-style home with big lawns has been transplanted to the lake.
If you want to see the quality of what Kennebec is all about, you should go see our dock on Lot 9. It is a true reflection of the quality and character desired in the homes at Kennebec.
Anything else I need to know about the design?2018-06-11T19:21:49-06:00
Yes. We thought about the shared spaces and overall development plan a little differently than other projects you might find on Lake Martin.
  • Our roads follow old foot paths or logging roads to the lake and are designed to be narrow without formal curbing. The intent is to make them feel more like old “lake” roads leading down to the houses on the water rather than a traditional sub-division.
  • We’ve specified no traditional post mounted street lights and have called for low voltage LED lighting to be placed in trees and around the property in such a way as to create a more natural moonlight-like glow.
  • While gated for privacy and security, the entrance is intentionally understated, but still special, so visitors have a sense of arrival and your investment is protected when you are not there.
  • But, perhaps the most interesting and dynamic part of the entire land plan is how the cul-de-sacs at the end of each “finger” of land become community gathering spots. One may have a fire pit, another a small orchard and the third a play area. The idea is that while the lots at Kennebec are large and private, we still want to encourage and cultivate a sense of community among the residents.
Why is there a list of preferred architects?2018-06-11T19:20:49-06:00
We are protecting you and your investment by picking a group of architects we know can execute what is planned for Kennebec. Each of them has been fully informed of our vision and why we wanted them on the preferred design team. We are trying to create something that doesn’t currently exist on the lake. Any one of them can design an exceptional plan for you and your family.
Does this mean we cannot use our own architect?2018-06-11T19:20:30-06:00
No. It doesn’t, but the development team wants to ensure what is ultimately built on each lot is of a quality and style we all desire. For that reason, we have an architectural review committee, which will review plans you might have or want to submit and determine the best course of action. That may be an iterative process, but in many cases our ARC will provide direction and feedback to help you and your architect amend your plan to fit within Kennebec guidelines. Or if you have an architect you’d like to discuss with us, please let’s talk about them. There are plenty of great architects out there who can execute a home in Kennebec. Our overarching concern is that the vision stays true throughout the project because that’s what creates tremendous value for you and the lake region.
Can I bring my own builder?2018-06-11T19:20:11-06:00
Yes. But, like an architect, there is a review, evaluation and approval process. We are not trying to keep people out, but it is important to the success of Kennebec that what is designed and approved is actually built and built well. As a result, we have picked some builders we know can execute and have built on the lake before. We have also been careful to select them from different markets – Birmingham, Montgomery and then at the lake in Eclectic and Alexander City. The goal is not to limit you, but rather help you find the right fit and make sure your build at Kennebec goes as smoothly as possible.

Large wooded lakefront lots start in the mid-$100,000s.

Contact John Coley at Lake Martin Voice Realty for more information.
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