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Pace’s Peninsula

Pace's Point Lake Martin ALPace's Peninsula on Lake Martin

We at Lake Martin Voice Realty are happy to announce that in October 2014, AL Power has listed 18 waterfront lots for sale on Pace’s Peninsula. We sold most of them extremely quickly, and are pleased to offer the below remaining lots:

For more information on the Pace’s Peninsula area, please see our Pace’s Peninsula Neighborhood Page.

Information on Waterfront Lots for Sale:

MLS # 14- 1258   Lot 21 Sailboat Road        $100,000

MLS# 14-              Lot 54 Pace’s Point Road     SOLD!

MLS# 14-              Lot 85 Port Road     SOLD!

MLS# 14-1257 Lot 109 Sloop Road $100,000 SOLD!!

MLS# 14-1256 Lot 110 Cardinal Road $100,000 SOLD!!

MLS# 14-1243     Lot 118 Hummingbird Lane     $75,000 SOLD!

MLS# 14-1255     Lot 130 Teal Point Road     $125,000

MLS# 14-1254     Lot 131 Old Cemetery Road     $125,000 SOLD!

MLS# 14-1253     Lot 143 Coyote Road     $175,000 SOLD!

MLS# 14-1252     Lot 145 Adcock Road     $125,000 SOLD!

MLS# 14-1251     Lot 146 Otter Lane     $100,000 SOLD!

MLS# 14-1250     Lot 155 Wolf Lane     $175,000 SOLD!

MLS# 14-1249     Lot 156 Woodland Road     $150,000 SOLD!

MLS# 14-1248     Lot 160 Woodland Road     $100,000 SOLD!

MLS# 14-1247     Lot 168 Bear Lane     $100,000  Pending! 2-7-2017

MLS# 14-1246     Lot 185 Wynndy Hill Road     $125,000SOLD!

MLS# 14-1245     Lot 191 Wynndy Hill Road     $100,000 SOLD!

MLS# 14-1244     Lot 203 Wonderland Road     $100,000 SOLD!

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