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Lake Martin Twitter Hashtag Hub

I just created a twub for twitter tweets dealing with Lake Martin, Alabama.  Basically, it automatically searches everyone’s twitter updates for the hashtag #lakemartinand consolidates it here on this page. It’s a way to easily communicate via twitter with everyone about Lake Martin.  But you have to type #lakemartin for it to show up here.

Anyone with a twitter account can use this hashtag.

For instance, if you updated your twitter account with “eating out at Springhouse at Lake Martin” it would not catch it, but if you tweeted “eating out at Springhouse restaurant at Lake Martin #lakemartin” it would catch it and put it below.

Some ways to use this in tweets would be “who’s gonna be eating pizza at chuck’s today #lakemartin” or “is it raining right now at #lakemartin” or “here’s a link to a cool pic of #lakemartin” – be creative.  And also be warned- the below is NOT necessarily my content, this could be anyone and everyone using twitter, so please know that in case you read anything other than G rated content.

Lake Martin Alabama Twitter results for #lakemartin:

[iframe width=”500″ height=”750″][/iframe]