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Help Me Search The Lake Martin MLS

Do you need help with your search for a waterfront home, lot, or condo for sale on the Lake Martin MLS?

Never fear!  As Lake Martin real estate agents, we use the MLS every day and constantly learn tips and tricks that may be helpful to you.

Remember, your search results are coming from a live feed directly from the Lake Martin MLS.  You are peering into the Matrix.  In other words:


But, as a member of the Lake Martin MLS, I can help you with any waterfront home, lot, property, or condo.  The seller will either pay all of the commission to the listing agent or they will split it (usually 50/50) with the listing and me, if I help you.  As you can see, it won’t cost you a dime more to let me help you on the buying side.

So if you need help with navigating around the Lake Martin MLS, here are some resources:

Watch These Video Tutorials

Watch these videos and I will show you how to search by price, location, subdivision, and other criteria.  I show you how to select some listings and discard others, and print the results.  I do a full motion capture of my screen so you can see exactly where my cursor goes and where I click.

How to Search the Lake Martin MLS for a waterfront home, lot or condo:

How to Create A Map Based Home Search:

How to Create Your Own List of Lake Martin Homes For A Car / Boat Tour:

Contact Me Directly For Help

John Coley   334 – 221 – 5862

Email me through a contact form: CLICK HERE

Or email me directly at john (at) lakemartinvoice (dot) com

Please Let Me Know How To Get Better

My goal is to have the best search available for Lake Martin waterfront real estate. I want to accomodate everyone – from the do it your selfers to the people that want me to do it all for them.  Please use this contact form and give me some feedback.  Since the data comes from our MLS, I can’t control 100% of the user experience.  But if there is something that I can change to help, I will give it a shot.

Thanks for stopping by!

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