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Vance W.

James S.
May 1, 2017

Vance W.

“My wife and I had been searching the Lake Martin area for over two years for the “right place”. During that time, we had the opportunity to work with several realtors, some were very good and some not so good. We contacted John about a listing late Saturday afternoon and had an agreement the NEXT DAY and closed in less than 10 days. In this particular situation, that time frame would have been impossible if it were any other realtor but John Coley.

Here’s the deal, John has the gift of understanding what it takes to bring buyers and sellers to an agreement. His knowledge of the area is fantastic which when combined with the relationships he has with the local banks, makes a complete package. It was refreshing to see the honesty he displayed when he did not know the answer to one of the many questions. He would simply tell me that he did not know the answer to that question, but he would find out, which he did in a prompt fashion.

After the sale, I have found that I can count on his knowledge of the area, the businesses and the local folks to give me recommendations on things ranging from Alabama Power Regulations to Bar-B-Q. It’s hard to go wrong with John Coley.”