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Alabama Bloggers Carnival – April 23, 2007

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Alabama Bloggers Carnival – April 23, 2007

Welcome to the April 23, 2007 version of the Alabama Bloggers Carnival. A blog carnival showcases different blogs that have something in common – in our case – we are all Alabama Bloggers.

Since I am admittedly the odd blog in this carnival, being the only real estate blog in the midst of political / cultural commenters, this theme will come off a bit forced. But, I thought our theme could be that of a politically charged shin dig held at a home on Lake Martin.

Whom do we find at the party?

Julie Green of Degree of Madness has barely made it in the front door before she heads to the kitchen to give us a taste of her bile for the legislature with It’s the pits.

TD of The Right Track holds court in the somber confines of the study with comments on the Virginia Tech tragedy in Hopeless Helpless and Lost and Gun Free Zones of Death.

Scott Allen of Scott Allen’s Thoughts is quite the mingler. Instead of camping out in just one room of the party, we bump into him in the bathroom with Sadly it has come to this and, then, very late in the party, in the TV room with More Virginia Tech Thoughts.

Wrapping it up, in the entertainment room we find carnival founder c.a. Marks at Alabama Improper with Sports & Coyote Ugly.

I hope everybody drives carefully home from the party. The next edition will be at Degree of Madness.