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If You Don’t Like My Service, Please Fire Me On The Spot

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April 21, 2008
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If You Don’t Like My Service, Please Fire Me On The Spot

lake martin listing agreementsWhy do some real estate agents insist on holding their sellers to the last day of a listing contract?  I don’t know if my market on Lake Martin is different, but I don’t see the point in guilt tripping a seller into staying with me if they are unhappy or decide not to sell.

Obviously, I am in the business to sell Lake Martin real estate.  I don’t go into a listing intending not to sell it, not to give bad service.  But I find that in talking to some sellers, they are leery of signing a listing contract for fear that they will be held in slavery by an agent.  Once they figure out that they can fire me anytime they want, it makes them feel better about the agreement.  I only want them as clients if they’re happy with how hard I am working for them.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I found myself telling this to the owners of these new listings.  I lake martin agent commissionassured them that if they wanted out of the listing agreement at any time, for whatever reason, that’s OK with me.  They wouldn’t owe me a dime.  I even wrote it into the listing agreement to let them know that I meant it.  It was surprising to most of them.

Coincidentally, I saw a great post on the same subject by Jay Thompson, the Phoenix Real Estate guy.  I agree with his take 100%.  It is a real advantage to own your own small brokerage.  I can make rules like this for myself.  I don’t have to wade through some big corporate bureaucracy.  I make the policies, and can work with clients to suit their needs, not according to the whims of Big Brother.