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Someone Left Me This Note On My Truck Today

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Someone Left Me This Note On My Truck Today

Today I took my kids to eat lunch at Chappy’s Deli in Peppertree Shopping Center.  We had a great lunch and it was fun to be “off” of work.  However, I guess I ruined someone else’s fun today, because when I got back to my truck, I found this note tucked under the wiper:


I guess I should be thankful there was no cursing.  Actually it was pretty polite (see “please”).  It is way too nice to submit to a site like

Here is my parking job, the shadow hurts the shot but you can see the offending entry on the white line:


Here’s a shot from directly in back.  Snoopy is right, I broke the barrier:


The irony is not lost on me that normally this time of year, Snoopy’s in a great mood.  He’s on TV a lot, doing Christmas specials, etc.  But here he is back to his dejected position on the dog house, looking straight up at what the person had to write.  Clearly, I have disappointed him.

I would like to say to this person: I was wrong.  I did a bad job parking there.  Please know I will pay more attention in the future.

And…..  Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!!