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Spreading The News Far & Wide About Lake Martin

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Spreading The News Far & Wide About Lake Martin

LakeMartinreachHas anyone ever asked you “Where is Lake Martin?”

You might think that because Lake Martin is such a special lake community that not many people may hear of us very often.  Especially when you’re considering selling your lake property, you may wonder how far the reach is of Lake Martin Voice Realty..Alabama wide? East Coast wide?

Well it might surprise you to know that we offer marketing that stretches nationwide, and is growing all the time, thanks to our readers and community.

This map shows a recent marketing campaign that we did, and all of the interest we had based on the shaded states. Alabama of course is the darkest, it had the most interest, followed closely by Georgia and Florida.  I was also happily surprised to see that Nevada garnered almost 10% of the interest in the campaign.  Did someone have a great night at the tables?

The other light blue states were also included in the “Who Wants to Know More About Lake Martin” category, so I’d say that’s a pretty good reach!

I want to stress, this is from just one email campaign.  I have hundreds of regular visitors on my blog every day.  Over the course of three years of blogging about Lake Martin, I have been blessed to have about 300,000 page views from every state at one time or another.

Yes, I also realize the internet has no borders. That’s exactly the way Al Gore designed it.  That’s the whole reason I go to all this effort to keep it going.  But every now and then even I have these little “wow.. that’s humbling!” moments where I realize that people really are reading, really are getting good information here, and really are picking up the phone and calling us.

So to all you Lake Martin Voice readers – THANKS!

And by the way –

If you own waterfront property on Lake Martin and are considering selling
– are you tired of vague allusions from agents that they have “nationwide marketing” or something fuzzy like “coast to coast referral programs” that are somehow going to get your home sold?  What does all of that mean?

Tell them to show you the numbers: how many calls have you received from your “program?” How’s that network going? What’s your plan, anyway?

Then call us. We will peel back the curtain (except there is no curtain) and show you our numbers. Our results. Our happy clients.

There’s no mystery, no secret plan. We work our butts off to provide good info, to be helpful, to be informative, and be responsive. People like to be treated like that, whether they are from Alabama or Nevada.