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6 Tips for Successful Lake Martin Home Inspections

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6 Tips for Successful Lake Martin Home Inspections

You’ve signed a contract to buy the Lake Martin waterfront home of your dreams (woo hoo!), and now you’re interested in having a home inspection. Home inspections are usually pretty straightforward deals, but in a rural, waterfront market like Lake Martin,  sometimes there’s a little more to consider.

Watch the video below, and I’ll give you 6 tips for a successful Lake Martin home inspection . Hopefully, this will help you really get to know the Lake Martin property you are about to buy.

In short (for the ADD), here are my home inspection tips:

1) FSBOs – have an inspection before you put your home on the market.

2) Call a sea wall contractor to inspect sea walls – home inspectors may not be certified in this area.

3) Contact Alabama Power Shoreline Management to inquire about changing the structure of an existing dock.  They permit all dock construction at Lake Martin.

4) Call an irrigation contractor to inspect wells and pumps that pull water from Lake Martin for irrigation.  Home inspectors do not typically inspect these.

5) Call a dock building company to inspect your docks and floating docks.

6) Call a septic tank installer to inspect your septic tank.  Most homes on Lake Martin rely on individual septic systems.

What about you, Dear Reader?

Do you have any tips from your home inspection? Let me hear about them.  Leave a reply and comment below. Lake Martin is such a huge place, surely there are more than 6 tips!