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Retiring To Lake Martin

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February 8, 2012
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Retiring To Lake Martin

Lake Martin has been a popular retirement spot for decades. The lake, the low cost of living, and laid back lifestyle appeal to many.

Lake Martin also has other things going for it, like close proximity to a high number of golf courses, good medical care, and universities that puts it at the top of “Best Spots To Retire” for many different publications.

Above is a video of a couple, Pat and Arthur, that have recently bought a home into which they will phase into retirement.  They have owned condos and homes at the beach before, but when it came time to plan their retirement, they chose Lake Martin. I thought it would be interesting to hear some of the reasons they considered.

Among the reasons they listed was the low cost of living, specifically taxes and insurance.  After weathering a few hurricanes at the beach, and their related construction and insurance headaches, they looked north.

When people call me and ask me about retiring to Lake Martin, the first thing I ask them is how often they have visited here.  If they are newcomers, then I try to suggest to them that they need to come and tour around the lake.  After that, I think the next question that retirees must answer is:

Around what city will we base our lives?

The three largest towns around Lake Martin, in order of decreasing size, are Alexander City, Dadeville, and Eclectic.

Unless retirees plan to be total recluses, venturing into town only for the staples, I think they need to realize where they will go to shop, socialize, go to church, etc.  Each of these towns is a little different.

Alexander City is also known as Alex City (and pronounced elek).  It is the largest town and located in Tallapoosa County.  According to the 2010 US Census its population is about 15,000.  Much of Lake Martin’s shoreline has an Alex City address.  Like many small towns in the South, it was once a mill town. Now it is reforming as a second home or vacation spot. It has a large hospital – Russell Medical Center – and that seems to be a question I get a lot from potential retirees. Alex City also has the biggest downtown area.

Dadeville is the county seat of Tallapoosa County and according to the 2000 census had a population of about 3,200.

Eclectic is located in Elmore County and is about 1/3 the size of Dadeville according to the 2000 Census. Eclectic is on the south side of Lake Martin.

If you search homes for sale on Lake Martin and you see a city listed in an address like Equality, and Jacksons Gap, know that this is more of a state of mind than a town.

The main thing you have to remember is that our entire lake area is very rural in nature. I guess that’s why you’re considering retiring here, right?  Please contact me with this form or email me at info @ lakemartinvoice .com or call at 334 221 5862 and I would love to help you research.