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2021 Lake Martin Real Estate Market Report – Year End Review

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January 18, 2022
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Sales! Inventory! Pricing! Forecast! All of this and more in my latest Lake Martin Real Estate Market Report.

Please take a few minutes and watch my waterfront real estate market report that I posted on YouTube Channel – Lake Martin Voice. (Click on the image above.) I break down the numbers and take a pretty deep dive like I normally do at year end.

I think it is important to take time to really study what has happened in the Lake Martin real estate market each year. It gives us clues as to what might happen next year. Since we are a second home / vacation  / luxury market, Lake Martin is very seasonal. Often the trends are hard to spot in the heat of the summer, and it takes (at least for me) some time to settle down in the cold months to study and predict what might happen next.

I am a full time real estate agent here at Lake Martin. That’s why I try answer your top questions about the market, like:

  • Was the real estate market at Lake Martin busier in 2020 or 2021?
  • What was the most expensive waterfront house sold at Lake Martin last year?
  • What does the anaconda squeeze have to do with the Lake Martin market? If you want to get down to the … “nitty gritty” … please check it out!

Yes, folks.  I cover waterfront lots, too. All of this and more in my 2021 Market Report Summary video.

Are you an owner of waterfront property on Lake Martin? If so, I would be glad to give you a free report that gives you a market value. If you are thinking about buying here at Lake Martin, I would love to help as well.

Give me a call or text or email [email protected] ! Let me hear from you soon!

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