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Higher Winter Water Level Approved For Lake Martin

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November 15, 2007
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Higher Winter Water Level Approved For Lake Martin

lake martin real estate water levelLake Martin scored a major victory when FERC approved Alabama Power’s plan to raise the winter water level to 483, effective this year.

Alabama Power has also requested to move up the date to fill the Lake Martin to summer level up to January 15, 2008.  THIS IS ALL GOOD NEWS.

Lake Martin’s winter water level is usually 480 msl.  It’s lower than that this year, as Alabama has suffered through the worst drought recorded in 80 years.  Pretty much the rest of the southeast has suffered, too, but Alabama and Georgia have been hit the hardest.

Also, Alabama Power is in the process of reapplying for the license to operate Martin Dam.  lake martin waterfront propertyMost everyone that knows and loves Lake Martin is hoping that the move to 483 level during the winter will be a part of that relicensing, as well as the early fill up date of January 15.

If we get our normal amount of rain, this should mean that Lake Martin will recover its “lost” water more quickly.  Yee-haw!! 

Can you believe it?  How many of you out there will be able to drive your boat to your dock at 483 feet versus 480?  I am betting lots.


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