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Lake Martin Magazine Interviews a Bunch of Realtors

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Lake Martin Magazine Interviews a Bunch of Realtors

In the November issue of Lake Magazine – Lake Martin Edition –  Nikki Reeves sent out an email to interview local real estate agents. The topic was the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Lake Martin Area Association of Realtors (LMAAR).  She also interviewed the past presidents of LMAAR about the past, present, and future of the Lake Martin real estate area.  You can click on the above link to read the other folks’ quotes.

Of course, I am never shy about supplying my honest thoughts.  I sent an email to Nikki with the below. The part that she used is the underlined part.  After reading the article, I can see why she didn’t use the other parts of my quotes.  They wouldn’t have fit in with the tenor and tack of the others.

Here’s the text of my email:


some thoughts on LMAAR’s 20th anniversary:


“It’s a funny coincidence that 20 years ago, as LMAAR was formed, the U.S. was in the middle of a different bank bailout the Savings and Loan Crisis. It roiled the credit industry and hammered real estate, making a lot of people panic and expect the worst and wonder if real estate would ever ‘come back.’ Well, it did.  Except for a slowdown in the late 90s, real estate roared until 2005 or so.”


“Hunger is a powerful motivator.”


“I think the real estate slowdown and the subsequent credit market implosion and bailout has dealt our industry a well deserved hit in reputation and credibility. This is a big issue and there’s a lot of blame to go around: realtors, buyers, sellers, lenders, appraisers, Freddie, Fannie, and bureaucrats, to name a few.  Realtors can’t solve it by themselves, but we can start by sweeping our own porch – being honest, transparent, hardworking, and useful.  The public mostly considers us simpletons at best and dishonest at worst. The only way to change that is to be worthy of respect, one deal at a time.

or if you want a more Lake Martin economic focused quote:

“I think in the short term it will still be a buyer’s market.  There is just so much supply out there right now.  In the long term, or greater than 2 years, Lake Martin will continue to give you an outstanding return on your investment. Just compare us to other second home markets that are more mature, like Highlands, NC for example, or a fixed supply place like Kiawah Island, SC.  Our waterfront real estate prices will keep on appreciating at a higher rate than anything else.  Hopefully the surrounding towns like Alex City, Dadeville, and Eclectic can parlay that into regional growth through support businesses.”

If you get a chance, please go to the Lake Martin Mag online or read the hard copy.  They do such a great job, and the November issue is no exception.  As a history and science nerd, I particularly enjoyed the articles about Tecumseh and the Tallapoosa Darter.

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