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Realtors Need To Copy Thomas The Tank Engine Train

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December 18, 2008
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December 28, 2008

Realtors Need To Copy Thomas The Tank Engine Train

lake martin realtorsI get asked a lot about a.) how the real estate market is on Lake Martin, and b.) how I think the industry in general is going to cope with this downturn.  The answer to a.) =  slow.  The answer to b.) – I think this market will weed out most of the half hearted, hald serious realtors.  Hopefully it will also weed out the lazy and the rest of the baddies that give us such a bad rap.  If I may be so bold, I submit that to survive this market, and to improve our reputation, we all should resolve to the below.  Maybe by suggesting these, it will give ME some accountability to make sure I try to do these everyday:

Realtors Need To Copy Thomas The Tank Engine Train:

Be Helpful – Don’t treat everyone as either a “lead” or a “non-lead.” If someonelake martin waterfront property for sale calls to ask you for directions, where to rent a boat, or something seemingly unrelated to Lake Martin real estate, be nice, don’t blow them off.  Be an ambassador for the region.

Be Hardworking – we Realtors need to put in the hours it takes to help people find what they want.

Be Useful – Unlike 2005 when sellers were rare, in 2008 I think that you have to convince buyers that you can be useful to them.  You have to show them how you can help them cut through all of the inventory and save them time and money.

Don’t Be Cheeky – This is one of my favorite phrases in Thomas movies.  I just had to work this in somehow.  As much as I enjoy to try and write cleverly for this blog, maybe I should watch my cheekiness.

lake martin lotForm Alliances – just as Thomas formed alliances with the other vehicles in the Isle of Sodor, Lake Martin Realtors need to have a strong network of mortgage brokers, builders, subcontractors, boat people, restaurants, anything that their buyers or sellers need.