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Lake Martin Voice Welcomes RealtySouth

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Lake Martin Voice Welcomes RealtySouth

I am extremely tardy in welcoming a new company – RealtySouth  – to Lake Martin and to their office that is next door to me at Nail’s in downtown Kowaliga.

Broker Kent Brenner has been moved in and rolling at least since July 4th.  I have been meaning to post a welcome here on my blog and just have dropped the ball.  Kent has also recently added several agents to his fold, and I congratulate each and every one of them on it and wish them the best.

I like having new neighbors here at Nail’s.  It has been fun to be able to chat, share ideas, and keep current on all the news.

It also has turned Kowaliga into Lake Martin’s surprising real estate central.  If you count up the agents at RealtySouth, Lake Breeze across the street, the recently added folks to ReMax, plus little ole me, you get quite a few realtors packed in our cozy commercial area.  The more the merrier, I say.