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Video Is Killing The Glamour Shot Star: Buyers Want Home Info, Not Agent Ego

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Video Is Killing The Glamour Shot Star: Buyers Want Home Info, Not Agent Ego

video killed the postEven if you’re not already, imagine you want to look for a home on Lake Martin.

How do you start the process?

Do you think,  “First, I must find the agent with the nicest pictures of him/herself, and I know that person will help me find my dream vacation home.”  No?

Well, do you think, “I am looking for a real estate ‘Team.’ I’m not really focused on a home, but  a “team.” Give me the biggest team, or the best looking team, or the team with the most impressive sounding self promotion.  That’s what I want.”

Of course not.  Most likely, you want to know how’s the market, what is for sale, and what factors that are specific to Lake Martin that you should consider.

IMG_0467What about sellers of waterfront property on Lake Martin?

Do they think “I want the agent that will do the absolute minimum to promote my home, but the maximum to promote herself?” No?

Or what about, “I want to provide a team the perfect opportunity to put flyers all over my home and have ads all over the place that emphasizes the benefits of ‘the team,‘ and not my home.” Of course not.

Today’s buyers and sellers of real estate on Lake Martin (and around the nation) are not interested in agents’ egos.  They are interested in real estate and put up with agents just barely to the extent that they help them meet their goals.

How can you tell the difference?  All agents will tell you how specialized their marketing is for each home.  Really?

Study the agent’s current listings to see if there is any difference.  How many pictures do they take?  Are they taken of the same subjects, over and over?  Do they highlight each home’s selling points, whatever those may be?

video home toursWhat about video?  Is is truly video, or is it just a slide show, a repeat of their pictures, with no explanation, set to elevator music?

At Lake Martin Voice Realty, we practice what we preach.  Just one example of the many ways we customize is our creation of a video tour for each listed home, with descriptions voiced over to highlight selling features.

No, you won’t have to stare at our Glamour Shot or hear how wonderful we are.  We don’t even put our brand on the videos that go in the MLS, because we want other agents to send them to their clients without the fear of promoting us.

Again, we keep the focus on your property, and away from our egos.

This approach works, and it creates an experience that gets us on our clients’ Christmas card lists, instead of the list of people they avoid when they spot them at the supermarket.

Lake Martin buyers and sellers – let’s meet and talk about how we can serve you.