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My Big Mistake, Caught On Video

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June 28, 2011
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My Big Mistake, Caught On Video


I go on and on on this blog about the power of video to help with the Lake Martin real estate process.  I know it must get tiresome to hear, but I truly believe it.  These days it is so easy and cheap to produce your own video, I use it to document Lake Martin events, neighborhoods, home tours, and yes – happiness.

Ronnie and Sheri just closed on a waterfront Lake Martin home.  I knew they were excited, and that made me happy.  But it wasn’t until I sat down and edited the testimonial video they shot for me, that I really appreciated the joy that’s a part of this real estate gig.  I also realized that I made a tremendous error when I shot this testimonial.

My Big Mistake, Caught On Video

95% of closings for buyers coming to Lake Martin are euphoric. They are fired up, many times their car is loaded up.  They are ready to enjoy their new lake home.  That’s why I like to be there with a video camera.  They get to gush about their excitement about Lake Martin.  That’s fun to see.

And, if they happen to throw a compliment or two my way, well….. I guess I can let that slide!

I will admit, when Ronnie launched into complimenting me, I was rather flattered.  I was thinking, “whoa – this is great!!”  As he neared the end of his gracious remarks, and I got ready to hit the stop recording button on my iPhone, I thought it was a good video.  But I missed the truly great part of the video, and that was my big mistake.

Sheri is clapping at the end of the clip.

Check it out, right at the end when I am say, “welcome to Lake Martin” – she is clapping!! It’s that excited clap like when your parents tell you that you can open up one present on Christmas Eve, or when your team scores a touchdown.  It’s pure joy.



What an error. I’ll admit, my ego was so inflated from the compliments that I missed it when filming.

I blew it.

That’s what it is all about – joy about Lake Martin.  That’s what this blog is supposed to be about.  Not about realtors blathering about themselves. We are A Voice, not THE Voice, spreading the word about the lake.  That’s what all my efforts should point towards.

I know it’s totally cliche, but you can “see it all over Ronnie’s face.”  It’s hard to walk away unaffected.  True, not all closing as are as easy as theirs.  And not all clients are as animated.  I know, in the big picture,  I’m an insignificant part of their Lake Martin journey, but to be let in on that moment of excitement is a lot of fun!

If I had to do it over, I would bring the sound down on Ronnie, so that you can just see his excitement about Lake Martin.  Never mind that he’s talking about me.  That’s not the point.

Next, I would have taped about 45 seconds of Sheri just clapping and jumping up and down.

Show of hands – who thinks they are going to enjoy Lake Martin If you run into them this summer, tell them congrats!

By the way, is it just me, or if you close your eyes, does Ronnie sound just like Jeff Foxworthy?

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