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Wakeboard & Wakesurf Demo at Blue Creek Marina

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Wakeboard & Wakesurf Demo at Blue Creek Marina

Singleton Marine on Lake Martin hosted the Slingshot Wakeboard, Victoria Wakesurf Demo and Rail Jam on Saturday, June 25th at their eastlake location –  Blue Creek Marina.  I am sorry to post this update so late, but I figure better late than never. It was a really great time.

I took my kids and nephews because I thought it would be fun to watch the pros show off their skilz.  But they did much more than that . . .

They had 4 boats taking folks out for lessons, and we spent at least an hour on the water with these guys.  They were great with the kids, generous with their time, and pretty good behind the boat, too.  I caught it all on tape, so check in out:


My nephews are going back for lessons later this summer. They already knew how to get up on a wakeboard, and the pros helped them fine tune some tricks and tactics.  One of my sons tried it also, he had never ridden a wakeboard before, and they got him up on his 3rd try. After he got up once, he went three or four more times and we all had a blast.

To top it all off, we came back and watched the pros go over a rail that they had floating in the water by the gas docks, and they gave us free pizza!

If you hear about one of these events going on at the lake, I encourage you to go.  They happen all the time at the marinas – boat demos, wave runner demos, etc.  The next event at Blue Creek Marina is on July 22, 2011.

Thanks to Singleton Marine Group & Blue Creek Marina for this one.

It was a class A event and really opened our eyes to a whole new realm of water sports.

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