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To Be A Good House Hunter, Know Thyself

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March 16, 2012
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To Be A Good House Hunter, Know Thyself

Lake Martin spring sunrise
Spring time on Lake Martin means lake house hunting time, no doubt about it. Everywhere I have gone in the past couple of weeks, people have asked me, “I bet this warm weather has people out looking, huh?”

The answer is a big yes.  The warm weather also has everything blooming, and the turkeys gobbling.  We love spring!

If you are considering buying a Lake Martin home or lot this year, you might like this article I wrote for Lake Magazine – Lake Martin edition.  I titled it, “To Be A Good House Hunter, Know Thyself.”  I think the more introspection time you spend as a potential buyer, the better.

If you and your family are having a tough time coming up with conversation starters, try asking yourselves these questions:

  1. When at the lake, I see myself spending most of my time: (prioritize) a.) on the water; b.) on the dock; c.) on the back porch; d.) inside in the _____ room
  2. If I had to choose, would I rather have a nicer house on a smaller lot or a smaller house on a nicer lot?
  3. True or false, I simply must have enough water depth to be able to hop in my boat at my dock in late December and go boating.
  4. Would you rather be closer to your primary residence to have a shorter drive to the lake, or would you rather be closer to your favorite Lake Martin attractions and have a shorter drive to them when at the lake?
  5. If you think you won’t mind a fixer upper, how much money exactly and how much time are you willing to spend in year one?

These questions are just a start, feel free to supplement more that pertain to you. Come up with your own, and I encourage you to let ALL family members fill this out separately and then compare results together.

Be sure to check out Lake Magazine every month for what I think is the best lifestyle magazine in the Lake Martin area.  Some other good articles in the March issue are:

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