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In Praise Of Co Colas

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March 10, 2012
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March 19, 2012

In Praise Of Co Colas

I guess all generations have things that they think are timeless. Maybe it’s one of the many signs that I’m getting older, but I hear myself saying “they don’t make em like that anymore” quite

I will say that, no matter your generation, you have to admit that there are few things in this life quite like a co cola in a glass bottle. I mourn their passing. The youth of today’s America grow without its bliss, the instant rush of caffeinated sugar, cleanly flowing from the non plastic container.

Lake Martin and cold co colas in a bottle go hand in hand. Sometimes if we were lucky, we’d get one for the long ride to the lake. We definintely would drink them as much as possible at the lake.

In every real cabin I’ve ever been to, there’s a co cola bottle opener screwed into a cabinet or wall somewhere. It was as necessary as a bathroom or a box fan.

My message to future Lake Martin lovers – treasure the cabin, and, every now and then, go to the trouble to find and drink a co cola out of a real glass bottle. There’s no substitute.