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John Coley Interviewed by WellcomeMat

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September 12, 2012
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John Coley Interviewed by WellcomeMat is an online video platform that is specifically geared to real estate video. About 17,000 agents use it to host their real estate videos, and about 8,000 video production companies use it to connect with agents and other clients. It is, in my opinion, the clear market leader in real estate video hosting. More importantly, they are also the leading think tank of real estate video.

By think tank, I mean that the WellcomeMat blog is THE place to be to get ideas, be inspired, learn, and see over the horizon and peer into real estate video’s future.  It’s like the coolest basketball court in your city – you know – the one where all of the hardcore ballers hang out and play. If you think you are ready for the big time with the grown ups, you head to that court. Mostly you watch and marvel at their moves, but if you’re brave enough, you call, “Next.”

My high opinion of this community is what caused me great shock to learn that Rudy Bachraty, who is the Director of Communications and Partner Strategies at WellcomeMat, wanted to interview me about how I use video in my real estate business.  Rudy produces a series of videos he calls Real Estate Video Trends to interview real estate folks and video production companies from around the nation.

I was floored and flattered, because Rudy has interviewed such big city industry elites as NYC’s Heddings Property Group and Halstead , and the best that Napa Valley has to offer. My videos certainly do not belong in the same group as theirs, and that is pretty obvious.

But, perhaps by interviewing me he can provide a cleanse of palette if nothing else.  And perhaps his reasoning was to show how one regular guy uses video to help market real estate.

Please enjoy the above embedded interview, and if you would like to go to their blog, click here for the post where he put up the interview, and click here for where he did another post about a quote from me.

I use real estate video in 3 ways:

1) For SELLERS:  I create a full motion video tour for all of my listings where I walk through and around the property.  This is not the typical slide show montage with 8 pictures.  It’s narrated, it shows the flow of the home and lot, and buyers appreciate it.

2) For BUYERS:  I do a lot of private video home tours for clients who want to see more of a particular property, but live 2 hours away and can’t get down to the lake immediately.  I set them up with a private YouTube link, and I walk them through the home, highlighting areas they want to know more about.

3) For BUYERS and SELLERS: I do tons of Neighborhood and Community video tours.  These help draw buyers to my website and to my listings.  There are a lot of buyers who need to research Lake Martin before they buy, and I want to be the place to do that research.

If you’d like to know more about how video can help market your home, or how to schedule a private video tour of a home on the Lake Martin MLS, call me at (334) 221-5862, or click here to contact me.  I’d love to be your realtor.