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How Low Will It Go?

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October 11, 2016
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October 13, 2016

How Low Will It Go?

Lake Martin water level  – how low will it go?

The short answer is we don’t know.  This is the first year that the new rule curve applies here at Lake Martin which means we’re only going to go down 7 feet during the winter.  At the end of September you could see the water had already come down and so that lets us know that we are not in the conditional fall full pool period.

Alabama Power said if we have enough rain for fall and we have enough flow in all the rivers then it’s going to keep Lake Martin full pool until October 15.  We are close to that date now but the Lake had already dropped 4 feet by the end of September when this video was recorded.  So, no – we are not going to have a full pool until October 15.

A lot of people ask me how far and how fast it’s gonna go down in the fall – I don’t know and I don’t think Alabama Power knows either.  But what I’m looking at is the rate – I think it’s going to go down a maximum of 7 feet.  When I made this video on September 28 we were already down 4 feet so that means that we have about 3 more feet to go until we get to the new winter pool level.

So good news – only 3 more feet.  Bad news? We’re getting there a little faster than we planned.

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