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Watch Roy Become a Hero

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As a full time real estate agent here on Lake Martin, I find that many of my buyers are couples. I don’t know about you and your significant other, but sometimes one spouse has a different opinion from the other.

Buying a lake home is a fun process so I (thankfully) have witnessed few real conflicts. That being said, sometimes you can tell that one member of the couple is more enthusiastic than the other.

Such was the case with Roy and Debbie. Debbie, at first, struck me as the one that was totally gung-ho on Lake Martin. Roy was supportive and positive, but wasn’t the lead cheerleader for this whole lake house thing.

However, as our home search evolved, I could see Roy getting more and more into this idea. It was really fun to watch both of their excitement increase.

Check out the above video. If we fast forward to the end of the process, after they closed on their purchase of a waterfront condo in StillWaters, it’s clear that both Roy and Debbie are looking forward to enjoying many happy days there with their family. Plus – Roy gets a little reward for his efforts!

Welcome to Lake Martin Roy and Debbie!

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