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The Anonymous Testimonial

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January 30, 2018
Business Opportunity at Wind Creek State Park
February 8, 2018

“My husband and I closed on a Lake Martin House March 31, 2012…almost 6 years ago! We did not know ANY Lake Martin Realtors nor did we know anyone to offer a reference. So, I started looking around on the web. I discovered Lake Martin… John Coley (334) 221-5862.  I was impressed with his writing style and the vast amount of information on his web site. It turned out to be an excellent choice! Contact John…he will set you up with a system that will address all your issues! We found exactly the property we had in mind, with quite a bit less (about half) than your stated budget! We bought a FANTASTIC, flat, point lot with an almost ocean-like view, with a pretty decent boathouse, wooden seawall, and a very small, old house in need of repair situated on it.  We’ve done a few minor repairs inside the home (enough to make it safe) with the intent of razing it and building a nice house in the next year or so AND in the meantime, we’ve been able to enjoy our lake property with family, friends and the wonderful new friends we have made at the lake, mostly our neighbors!

We too looked at Logan Martin and Lay lakes but decided that there was simply no comparison to the quality of Lake Martin and surprisingly, the difference in price was negligible. Stick with Lake Martin and call John Coley…you will not be disappointed with either and hopefully soon, we can welcome you to the Lake Martin family! Good Luck!”

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I really love the forum on – people from all around the lake area post on it. It’s an “old school” bulletin board type of website. Sure, it has a few folks arguing on it from time to time, but it’s mostly a fun group of folks that love Lake Martin. I post there under the mysterious nickname of “John C!”

Some folks do have more of a coded nickname. You can imagine my emotions when I read this recent – and UNEXPECTED – testimonial written by “Little Gray.” After reading it, I do have my guesses about your identity! Ha! Thanks and I am glad you had a great experience.