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The Jitters before The Jump

January 2018 Market Report for Lake Martin
March 9, 2018
Lake Martin’s Economic Engine
March 16, 2018

Have you ever been a little scared to take that first leap, even though you knew you would enjoy the outcome?

If my real estate buyers ever get a little nervous, I find myself counseling them to concentrate on the end of sales process. They came to find a waterfront home on Lake Martin, and that’s what we need to remember. It will be worth it!

Check out this video of Jonathan and Meredith’s family – they just closed on a home in the Preserve at Stoney Ridge, in the Blue Creek area of Lake Martin. I edited the video in reverse chronological order to remind folks (even myself) that we should keep our eyes on the prize if we ever get nervous!

Please hit play and watch closely around the first ten or eleven seconds as one of the kids prepares to leap off of the top of their double decker dock. He knows he wants to jump, He’s ready. His dad is in the water to help. He steps back …. and….

He hesitates a bit – and I bet you can imagine what’s going on inside his head. He psyches himself up! He must be saying, “I can do this! It will be ok! It will even be fun! It’s the whole reason I am here!”

Then, he takes a leap into Lake Martin for the first time! Success!

That moment was thanks to his family taking time to research and get to know our area. I was honored to help them as their realtor.

Jonathan and Meredith’s first step was calling me on the phone and talking about what they might like in a lake home. We followed that up with many meetings and walking through many homes. But it all started with that phone call.

Are you ready to have a talk?

It will be fun, I promise!

My number’s at the top of this screen when you are ready.