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Untethered Drone Works

January 2019 Market Report for Lake Martin
April 3, 2019
February 2019 Market Report for Lake Martin
April 11, 2019

One of the things I love about selling waterfront property here at Lake Martin is that it allows me to witness some pretty cool technology.  I have made no secret of my conviction that high quality aerial photos and videos are a key tool to help buyers and sellers here. Therefore, I was really excited to meet a company of aerial professionals with the skills and drone equipment to serve the Lake Martin area.

I met Lee Drumheller and Will Levielle of Untethered Drone Works, LLC  out at two of my new waterfront listings. One is at 69 Eagle Point and the other is at 95 Cherry Lane. They did an awesome job! Not only are they excellent, FAA registered pilots, but they each have a photographer’s eye. I think that is a crucial element in marketing and they certainly tell a story with their media.

Please take a moment to watch the above video and visit them at their Facebook page. And as you can imagine, their Instagram feed is a really good follow, too! They do a lot more than just photography and videography for real estate agents. I highly recommend them!

Like I said above, I think that aerials are such an important part of marketing a waterfront Lake Martin home or lot. The view of the home from the water, and the view of the water from the home are a big reason why people are here, and aerials are the best way to demonstrate that.

I supply aerial pictures and videos for all of my listings. I hire folks like Lee and Will at Untethered Drone Works and pay them at no cost to my sellers. I put my money where my mouth is, (on this subject, at least  )! My sellers benefit from having their property presented in the absolute best light.

Lake Martin home buyers benefit from good aerial pictures and video, too! They allow a buyer to visualize what their view will look like. On zoomed out shots, buyers can also see what’s surrounding a waterfront property, as well as what the water is like nearby. If they like what they see, great! If they decide it’s not a good fit for them, they can move along to the next property without wasting their time to travel all the way to the lake.

Are you considering selling your waterfront home or lot on Lake Martin? Please contact me here and I would be glad to talk to you and let you know how I would use tools like this to help you meet your goals.

Or are you thinking about buying real estate here at Lake Martin? Whether you are one day or nine years in to your search, I am ready to help. Please contact me here or call the number at the top of this page, and we can get started!