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Why was she embarrassed?

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October 30, 2019
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November 18, 2019

You know how sometimes you shoot a funny video or picture on your phone, then forget about it? That happened to me recently.

I remembered that I took this video at The Landing at Parker Creek. I was there as a co-host of the Labor Day Cornhole tournament. It was very popular so there were a lot of boats coming and going. I decided to take some video footage to use later, just as some kind of B-roll content that I can use when I blog about the Parker Creek area.

Once I took a closer look at what I shot, I realized I had some video gold.

I caught someone being embarrassed!

Watch the video closely. Right as that runabout was about to get going, the young lady in the back left seat ducked down out of sight.

But why?

Clearly, she was embarrassed about something. It’s a nice boat so she couldn’t have been ashamed about that. Maybe she was trying to avoid the glance of someone on the dock?

What do you think?

I have my theories. I remember when I was a teen and would pull some similar moves when I had to ride with my parents. Looking back, it does not make any sense, because I grew up in Alex City and it was and is a small town. Everyone knows everyone else. So why was I so embarrassed about riding with my parents? Who knows. Teens do silly things.

So, maybe that is why this young lady ducked. Maybe, in a few years, being seen riding in the boat with dear old dad won’t be a cause for embarrassment.