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Riprap Seawalls at Lake Martin

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July 6, 2021
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Riprap seawalls (or rip-rap bulkheads) are pretty popular on Lake Martin, Alabama.

What is rip rap you ask?

No, it does not mean that Rip Wheeler from “Yellowstone” has a new career rapping. Even though he probably would have a big career as a rapper if he wanted. He is, after all, Rip. Violent. Effective. A fixer – a guy who you don’t really want to know how he gets things done.

In our area riprap (rip-rap, rip rap) is usually a volleyball or basketball sized granite rock. The rocks are stacked to keep the shoreline from eroding; the same purpose as any other style of seawall here on Lake Martin.

Waterfront improvements like seawalls are, in my opinion, one of the best ways you can increase the value of your Lake Martin home. I know, I know, HGTV will tell you to rehab the kitchen and the master bedroom. I am not saying that won’t help, but honestly at this point I think we all spent our corona quarantine watching those how-to videos. So if you own a waterfront home or lot on Lake Martin and want to really increase your assessed value, I think you should look to the water.

Riprap is usually the cheapest and quickest seawall to build at the lake. How does it compare to other types of seawalls?

What are the pros and cons of building a rip rap seawall versus, say, a concrete or wooden one? I’ll explain more in my video (see above).

My name is John Coley. I am not an engineer but during summers growing up I helped build docks and all kinds of seawalls on Lake Martin.

Now, as an “adult,” I’ve been a realtor here at Lake Martin for many years. I can tell you what can really affect the value of your lake home. I would love to help you sell or buy property here at beautiful Lake Martin, Alabama!

Please give me a call or text or email – [email protected]I would love to help you out.

I might not be as tough as Rip Wheeler but I promise I will never take you to catch a train or a bus.