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Is Now the Time to Sell? October 2021 Real Estate Market Report

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Is the real estate market at Lake Martin at its peak? Are we still in a hot seller’s market?

Please take a few minutes and watch my latest waterfront real estate market report for Lake Martin for October of 2021. (Click on the image below.) Those are the latest numbers we have and I take a look at the balance of inventory versus sales and answer your questions.

I was pretty surprised at the real estate sales results for Lake Martin for October. I tallied up all of the waterfront home and waterfront lot sales to try and get an idea of where we stand. Since it has been a few months since my last report, I rolled up these as year-to-date figures.

While we all know that 2020 was head and shoulders “the best year ever” for home and lot sales here at Lake Martin, it was interesting to compare 2020 to this year when you bring inventory in to the equation.

I found that sales are lower this year for lake homes by a long shot. They are also slightly lower for waterfront lots. But when you factor in the lack of inventory aka homes for sale or lots for sale – it highlights the challenge that buyers of both have been having. We are still seeing properly priced homes sell in a matter of days. It is frustrating for buyers and their agents alike, because they don’t feel like they have a chance to think about anything.

Is Lake Martin at a peak of this current sellers’ market?

Is now the time to sell if you are trying to time the top?

Like most real estate related questions, I think the answer is very local, very dependent on each owner’s goals.

If you own a home, lot, or condo on Lake Martin, I would be glad to help you by doing the research to figure out its possible value in today’s market. This is a free, no obligation service that I offer. If you would like more info, please call or text me at the number at the top of the page, or see this page for more info.