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Anatomy of a Lake Martin Boat Lift

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April 4, 2022
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How are boat lifts at Lake Martin built? How are they designed? Here I walk you through a pretty typical setup for a Lake Martin covered boat lift. We talk about the different parts of it and how they may affect the value of your waterfront home or lot.

I think that improvements around the water at Lake Martin such as docks, boat lifts and seawalls are some of the smartest investments that a lake homeowner can make. Remember, we are here for the lake!

Also let me remind you that covered boat docks are not allowed everywhere at Lake Martin. Be sure to check with Alabama Power Company and your neighborhood covenants.

My name is John Coley with Lake Martin Voice Realty. If you are looking for a lake home or property or just have questions about your Lake Martin property, I would love to help you. Call or text me at the number at the top of this page or send me an email – [email protected].