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Where is the Needle’s Eye on Lake Martin?

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June 2, 2022
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Where is the Needle’s Eye on Lake Martin?

The Needle’s Eye on Lake Martin is one of those cool local spots that if you don’t know where to look, you might miss it.

The Needle’s Eye is located on the Coosa County, or northwest side of Lake Martin. It is a collection of about 40 or so homes that are located inside a small slough. But to get to them you have to slip through a narrow pass – thus – The Needle’s Eye. Once you get through there, you will find yourself located in a nice little mini lake, almost.

Spots like this around Lake Martin are what remind me that there are still places to discover in this Google Maps world. My family and I like to hop in the boat and and just ride …. explore locally named places and islands. In that spirit, I won’t drop you a pin or give you an e911 address.

How to get there? Go to Parker Creek Marina, then point your boat northwest. You will find it eventually.

How to act once you’re there? Like anywhere on the lake – be nice. The flat water might tempt you to make a surfing, wakeboarding, or even (for us old schoolers) slalom run around the slough. Please don’t. It is too small for that. Just pleasure cruise. Idle speed is OK. Gawk at the homes, enjoy your discovery, and plan another adventure.