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Lake Martin Drought Hits The Weather Channel Video

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Lake Martin Drought Hits The Weather Channel Video

lake martin drought  weather channelThe historically harsh drought that has hit Lake Martin in 2007 has been highlighted by The Weather Channel Network.  They sent reporter Julie Martin (no relation) to shoot a video spot that aired last night.   Click here for the video.  If for some reason it doesn’t auto play after the commercial, look to the right and select the video titled “Drought and no water to drink.”

The Alex City Outlook also reported on the video.

Mostly, I think it’s a pretty good report.  I would have liked her to point out that right now it is about 3 feet below the winter water plan, or, 3 feet lower than it normally would be.  Not 13 lower.  Still, maybe reports like this will help Alabama Power in its appeals to the Corps of Engineers to allow less downstream flow.

Incidentally – my Dad’s real estate office in downtown AC (aka the Northern Command) is visible at 0:32 in to the video, 2 doors to the left of Carlisle’s Clothing.  Maybe now I can talk him into hanging a “” sign on the front of his building – or maybe a Glamour Shot photo of the two of us … hmmmm …


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