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Lake Martin Maps: Pre Civil War And Web 2.0

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February 29, 2008
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Lake Martin Maps: Pre Civil War And Web 2.0

Lake Martin mapFor anyone that likes old maps of Alabama – or if you would like to see what your Lake Martin property looked like before the lake was built – I have a great site for you. 

The University of Alabama is a great site resource for these old maps.  Some of them date back to the early 1800s.   Here are links to Lake Martin counties:

Old Tallapoosa County Maps  Old Elmore County Maps  Old Coosa County Maps

Click this link for other Alabama CountiesHat tip to boataholic on the Lake Martin Forum for the heads up on this link!

While I’m on the subject of maps, please click on my map of Lake MartinI have made a Google Map that shows Lake Martin marinas, restaurants, my listings of Lake Martin real estate for sale, and Coley Real Estate office locations.  If you click on any of the listings, I have added in little pictures of the homes for sale, links to their information on my blog, and also links to their online video tours

Since it’s a Google Map, you can switch back and forth between street map view and satellite photo images.  They recently have updated parts of Lake Martin with the ability to really zoom in tight, so it might be fun to zoom way into your spot on the lake.