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Clean Lake Martin And Get A T Shirt To Prove It

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Clean Lake Martin And Get A T Shirt To Prove It

The Annual Lake Martin Cleanup portion of the Renew Our Rivers program will be held this Saturday, June 7, 2008.

Renew Our Rivers is a joint effort between Alabama Power and the Middle Tallapoosa Clean Water PartnershipIf you pitch in and help, you’ll get a free T shirt and all sorts of other cool swag.  Plus you get the satisfaction of helping keep Lake Martin clean.

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How long have you just ridden by that old air conditioner that’s laying in the woods just off the road to your cabin? What about that fast food bag that someone threw out last Labor Day?  How long do you actually plan to keep those 4 silver bubble floats that have been punctured since 1991?

Depending on your location, sometimes it’s hard to find legitimate places to dump trash around Lake Martin.  So if you have procrastinated cleaning up because you didn’t know where a dump was, here’s your chance to do a good deed and get a T shirt to boot.

Here is some more info taken from this article in the Outlook:

“Collection sites will be Dare Park, Real Island Boat Ramp, Kowaliga Boat Ramp and the Alexander City Coley Creek Boat Ramp. The event begins at 8 a.m. with Alabama Power giving volunteers t-shirts, plastic gloves and trash bags at each collection point.

Last year, the Lake Martin Cleanup Day saw 167 volunteers collect 6.17 tons of trash.”

Why not go ahead and sign up for the Poker Run to benefit the Sherriff’s Girls’ Ranch so that you’ll have something to do after the cleanup?  It’s sponsored by 93.9 FM – call 334–887–9999 for more details.

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