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Why It’s Cool To Have An Office In A Convenience Store

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August 11, 2008
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Why It’s Cool To Have An Office In A Convenience Store

lake martin real estate officeFor all you high overheaders out there, with your glitz and glamour shots, here is why it is so cool that my office shares a wall with a c-store:

Bada bing!! This has been my view out of my office window for the past hour today. Nothing fires me up to sell some Lake Martin real estate more than a stare down from some sort of Norse God of Ice. He graces the side of the “Cheaha Ice Company” truck that occasionally delivers ice to Nail’s Convenience Store here in lovely downtown Kowaliga, Lake Martin. See a zoomed out pic:

lake martin kowaliga little for sale

The cool thing is I am pretty sure he is only on one side of the truck. The other side is blank. Another cool thing is that his abs are totally discrete, not a parte of the maine of his belly. I also like how his head is disproportionately large compared to his femur. And why the sweatband? I would guess that he doesn’t perspire much. Maybe he is trying to match the blue in his boots and make them really “pop.”

It just goes to show you how much the Lake Martin real estate industry has changed. Over the last 4 years, I can count on one hand how many times I have met clients at my office. Mostly I meet them at their homes or on the way to homes they want to see. It’s much more convenient for them, which is the whole point of a service industry, right?

lake martin kowaliga

One more bonus pic, a scary close up (brrrrrrrrrrr):