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Bay Pines Marina, Lake Martin

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Bay Pines Marina, Lake Martin

Bay Pines Marina has been around Lake Martin as long as I can remember. More accurately, it has always been there, but has been run by different folks.

That’s why I was excited when I read of Bay Pines’ renaissance under current owners Jim and Bill.

As the name would indicate, it is in the Bay Pines area of Lake Martin.  To get there by car from Alex City, go east over the Highway 280 (aka River) Bridge.  Take a right on County Road 40. At the stop sign take a right on Bay Pines Road, and go all the way to the end. Click here for a map to Bay Pines Marina.

bay pines marina lake martin

Here is a link to their ad on

bay pine marina lake martin boatramp boat ramp

Also, in a sign of the times, I am pleased to see that they have a Facebook Page.  Now, when Marty’s Marina gets a Facebook Page, I really will be surprised.  (quick self promo – please become a fan of the Lake Martin Voice Facebook Page)

bay pine marina lake martin store front

They sell non ethanol gas and are proud of it, by God. In fact, according to their ad, “We have ethanol-free gas at the dock and on the street. The street gas is a little lower price but still the same mid-grade all the way around with NO ETHANOL EVER!!! BOAT GAS IS NOT MADE FROM CORN”  Too funny.

Bay Pines Marina seems to be very geared to fishermen. You can launch your boat, get gas, buy coffee and C store food- plus Bait! I am not sure but it may be the only place you can buy live bait on the waters of Lake Martin. If someone knows for sure, please comment below and help us all out.

According to a sign posted on the window, Bay Pines’ winter hours are:

Friday – noon till dark
Saturday – 8 till dark
Sunday – 10:30 till dark