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More Pictures and Video- Richard Scrushy Lake Martin Home Auction

Video: Auction Of Richard Scrushy’s Lake Martin Home
November 9, 2009
Bay Pines Marina, Lake Martin
November 13, 2009

More Pictures and Video- Richard Scrushy Lake Martin Home Auction

Here are more pictures and video of the auction of Richard Scrushy’s Lake Martin waterfront home, lots, and hangar at Willow Point Airport.  HealthSouth shareholders forced the auction to recover part of the $2.9 billion judgment against Scrushy.

As expected, the HealthSouth shareholders were the high bidders on both parcels.  They “bought” the hangar for $435,000 and the lake front home and 2 adjacent lots for $7,4000,000.  They arrived at these prices by getting appraisals, so Richard Scrushy will be given full appraised value as credits against the judgment.  Now the shareholders are the official owners of the Lake Martin properties and seek to sell them as soon as possible, according to their attorneys. Obviously, as a Lake Martin realtor, I would love to help anyone buy it. Please contact me at the number and email at the top of this page.

Video Of Scrushy Lake Martin home auction

If you would like to see a video of the home auction only, see my earlier post here.

The below video is for both the hangar and the waterfront home and lots in Willow Point, plus a little wrap up.  The whole auction process lasted about 2 minutes:

Since the auction was over so fast, most of my time was spent listening to the attorneys for the Plaintiffs explain the process. The TV news never has time for full explanations, so I thought it would be helpful to publish the below explanations.

The Attorney speaking is John Somerville of Galloway and Somerville, LLC.  He answered most of the post auction questions.

Another Attorney for HealthSouth was John Haley of Hare, Wynn, Newell, and Newton, LLP.  He did some interviews but I didn’t get them on tape.  Another attorney also present from that firm was Judge Ralph Cook.

Pictures of Scrushy Lake Martin Home Auction

A crowd gathers before the auction:

crowd waits for auction Richard Scrushy Lake Martin home

Sheriff Jimmy Abbett explains the process:

Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett explains Scrushy lake martin home auction

Page One of the Order of Sheriff’s sale:

sheriffs sale order scrushy lake martin home document

To download a PDF full copy of the Sheriff’s Sale of the Scrushy Lake Home click here.

HealthSouth Attorneys John Haley and Ralph Cook confer before the auction:

Attorneys for HealthSouth - John Haley and Ralph Cook at lake home auction

Lead Plaintiff Wade Tucker (l) and Attorney John Somerville (r) answer media questions after Scrushy auction had ended:

healthsouth plaintiff speaks after scrushy lake martin home sale

Attorney for the Plaintiff John Somerville meets with media:

John Somerville - HealthSouth plaintiff attorney speaks to media after scrushy home auction

For a complete set of all pictures I took at the Scrushy Lake Martin Home acution, see this set on Flickr.

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