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Lake Martin Fall Colors On Cherokee Ridge Trail

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November 24, 2009
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Lake Martin Fall Colors On Cherokee Ridge Trail

We have had a lot of beautiful clear fall weather this year at Lake Martin. Recently I was driving back from checking on a home for sale in The Village when I decided to stop and snap some pics of the fall colors.

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The Village is a subdivision off of Highway 50 on Lake Martin. It is very close to Chimney Rock and Acapulco Rock and Martin Dam. So as I was driving back to my office, I passed right by the Overlook, which also serves as the trail head for Lake Martin’s Cherokee Ridge Trail system.

Since it was such a pretty day I decided to stop at the Overlook and get some pics of the fall colors, maybe even the famous landmarks of Chimney Rock and Acapulco Rock.  I figured it would take a quick 30 minutes.

lake martin chimney rock trail

I ended up taking a couple of hours, mainly because I went the wrong way on the Chimney Rock Loop Trail.

lake martin cherokee ridge trail blaze

As usual I missed a couple of pics of hawks. But this turtle could not escape my speed photography:

lake martin turtle
lake martin cherokee ridge trail turtle

I probably need to get a polarized filter or something that will help out with the color balance:

lake martin fall colors

Chimney and Acapulco Rocks look lonely in the fall:

lake martin chimney rock

This boater breaks the silence:

lake martin fall boating

In the end, I was too far away from Chimney and Acapulco Rocks to get decent pictures, even with my long lens. But it was a really fun hike, and the leaves were just right.

lake martin trails fall leaf leaves color
lake martin alabama reflection leaf color

Click here for the entire set of pics on Flickr