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The Helipad At The Village Visited By Wild Turkeys

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February 8, 2010
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The Helipad At The Village Visited By Wild Turkeys

I have a cool Lake Martin home for sale at 40 Cottage Loop in The Village.  The Village is just east of Martin Dam, off of Overlook Road.  I was surprised to see a flock of wild turkeys feeding around the helipad.

The Village installed this helipad a couple of years ago as a public service, so that the area would have a spot for emergency airlifts.  It’s a nice bonus for owners in The Village to have that safety feature.

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turkeys at the village helipad

I was on the way to check up on the home I have for sale when I saw this flock of turkeys.  I hit my brakes, grabbed my long lens, and sneaked back through the woods to try to take some pictures.

hens on a hill

These hens have a sharp eye out. Many people don’t realize that turkeys don’t look in the direction that their beak is pointed, but perpendicularly. In this case, right at me.

gobbler going the other way

As always they were wary and elusive. After this pic they putted at me and headed off. They flock together like this during winter for protection.  In the spring the toms get territorial.

I tried to loop around one more time to get a nice clean picture of a gobbler:

almost a great pic

I call the above one “Almost.” This is what I feel like during hunting season. A quarter second after this pic, I leaned around the tree, and he was gone, dissolved into the understory of the forest.

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