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Is Lake Martin Too Crowded on July 4?

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July 1, 2010
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Is Lake Martin Too Crowded on July 4?

The Fourth of July is always one of the busiest times at Lake Martin. That’s a given.

Another given is that you will hear a little whining and “back in my day” stories from the old timers who didn’t have fancy boats. They had to ride to Acapulco Rock on a dugout canoe, back when Sand Island was the size of Goat Island.

Sure, Lake Martin is busier now than it was back in the 50s.  Here are 3 residents that I bumped into last week:

lake martin amphitheater deer

Dirt roads still dominate the lake area. So do deer.  There are more deer here than people.


Lake hummingbirds get so exhausted from plentiful nectar that they have to sit down for a while to rest. I took this at one of my new listings .

lake martin turtle alabama

Lake Martin turtles are not shy. They bug you with their endless pacing about.

Off to fight the crowds…….

For more totally amateur pictures of Lake Martin wildlife, see my set on Flickr: Lake Martin Wildlife