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Why Alex Likes Lake Martin

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September 8, 2010
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September 28, 2010

Why Alex Likes Lake Martin

My iphone makes my job as  Lake Martin Realtor a lot easier.  One reason I love having it is being able to take pretty decent pics and video wherever I go. Mostly I take wildlife shots, private tours of homes, or quirky scenes around Lake Martin, but this last video was taken in the “city” – at my children’s Field Day event at school.

We parents were sitting around talking when one of the ladies mentioned some reasons she likes Lake Martin over the beach – namely, that they just pick up groceries (so it’s cheap), and her kids stay around the house (solid family time, plus they don’t get into too much trouble).  When she was done with her mini commercial,  3 people in the crowd said (in unison) “Watch out!  John will get you on video and put you on his blog.”

Everyone laughed, except me. I was serious.

When she said it was OK with her, I whipped out the iphone for take 2.  She just laughed and gave it to me again.   It was a perfect Lake Martin Realtor moment.   I think it is so much more helpful to hear from actual civilians instead of us blathering realtors.  After several weeks of taping straight forward listing videos and hearing myself talk on many hours of neighborhood tours and community videos, this video is a welcome respite!

Thanks for your help, Alex!