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Pictures Of A Pro Taking Pictures Of Homes

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October 11, 2010
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Pictures Of A Pro Taking Pictures Of Homes

As a Lake Martin realtor, I get to take plenty of pictures. Most of them (obviously) are of waterfront homes.  Or people.


But, I have never taken pictures of people taking pictures of other people in front of a home.


Yesterday, Will Pollock came by the homes we have for sale at Water’s Edge.  Will is a freelance writer and photographer from Atlanta.  Will, whose work has been featured in Sea Ray Living (among other publications), was in town doing some work for a future article on Bryan Jones.  Bryan, of Jones Pierce Architects, is the architect for Water’s Edge.

They rode by a few of the Lake Martin homes that Bryan has designed over the years.  I was really pleased that they chose to include the homes for sale at Water’s Edge.

Will even was nice enough to give me a few pro pointers, like dealing with the glare off of the water, and trying to get the both the clouds outside and detail inside to look good on a shot in the kitchen.

But… I think he was done with it all by the time the below shot was taken. What do you think?

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