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Bald Eagle Fishing In Little Kowaliga

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December 16, 2010
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December 21, 2010

Winter at Lake Martin means the lake level gets drawn down. It gives us a chance to work on our docks, at least. It also sometimes means you get some rare wildlife spottings.

Check out these pictures of a bald eagle that was fishing in the Little Kowaliga area of Lake Martin. My fellow Lake Martin Voice Realty agent John Christenberry was over near Real Island Marina and saw this one capture a big bass.

The eagle dropped it on the shore, flew around a little bit, then came back to it.

lake martin bald eagle

Taking off here

lake martin bald eagle

Now he’s almost gone..

lake martin alabama bald eagle grabs fish

Do you have any wildlife photos from around Lake Martin? Email us at info at lakemartinvoice dot com. Or, feel free to add them to the I Love Lake Martin Alabama page on Flickr or to our Facebook page.