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Lake Martin Buyers: “It Doesn’t Hurt to Make a Reasonable Offer”

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March 30, 2011
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April 14, 2011

Lake Martin Buyers: “It Doesn’t Hurt to Make a Reasonable Offer”

Almost every day I talk to Lake Martin buyers who feel that the waterfront real estate here is still overpriced.  On certain properties, I agree with them.  I guess that’s the case in any sort of market – buyer’s or seller’s.  It’s true – there are some good deals out there – but you definitely will not get a good deal if you don’t make an offer.

I was very honored that Marty selected me to help him look for a Lake Martin home.  He ended up buying the third house on which he made an offer.  The first house was a foreclosure, and the bank apparently didn’t want to sell it for what he wanted to pay.  The next house was from a regular seller, but they didn’t come to terms.  Maybe the third time is the charm, because this one worked out for him.  In this testimonial, Marty gives us all some good advice on being persistent, being patient, and making offers.

If you would like me to help you find your dream lake home, please contact me, or call me at 334 221 5862. There is still plenty of time to find a Lake Martin waterfront home (or lot or condo) and enjoy it this spring.