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For Our Clients’ Eyes Only: Private Home Video Tours By Lake Martin Voice

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March 29, 2011
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For Our Clients’ Eyes Only: Private Home Video Tours By Lake Martin Voice

Laura’s husband signed a contract on a Lake Martin waterfront home, even though she’d never set foot on the property.  Sounds like a pretty trusting wife!  Well, that’s true, but  Laura also had a powerful tool that many Lake Martin buyers do not have access to: Lake Martin Voice Realty’s private video tour service.

We make a lot of videos.  If you roll through our video channels on this website, you’ll see testimonials, custom Lake Martin Voice listing videos, and community information segmentsBut what you won’t see are the many private tours we make for our clients eyes only.

Sounds a little weird, but it’s actually pretty simple.

As members of the Lake Martin MLS, we can show anything in the lake area.  We can’t market other Realtors’ listings, but we can make private video tours for our out-of-town buyers, and give them an exclusive link to view these homes online. Lake Martin has over 700 miles of shoreline, and it’s physically hard to see as many homes in a day as you can in the city.

Sometimes photos alone (virtual tours are photos, by the way) make it hard to “get the feeling” of a home or understand how the floor plan works.  Sometimes photos  just aren’t enough.  Many of our clients have used these private, walk-through, video tours to narrow their search, and make their house hunt as efficient as possible.

As our client, Brent, says in the video below, “I didn’t want to drive up here and look at 200 houses.”

These private tours are also helpful when a property hits the MLS that we consider an exceptional “Best Buy” that probably won’t last long. For example, if we know you’re looking for a great deal in, say, the Parker Creek area, and one comes along, we can drop by the house, create a video tour, and have it in your inbox very quickly.   You watch the video, and decide if it’s worth viewing in person.

There’s only one catch:  you have to be a Lake Martin Voice Realty clientContact us and put us to work.

Membership has its privileges, even if they are kind of geeky.