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Children’s Harbor at Lake Martin Needs Help After Tornado

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April 25, 2011
Video Update on Lake Martin Tornado Damage
April 29, 2011

Children’s Harbor at Lake Martin Needs Help After Tornado

The Lake Martin, AL area was damaged by deadly tornadoes on April 27, 2011.  The Kowaliga area of Lake Martin was heavily hit.  Children’s Harbor, a local worthy charity, is in need of help.

A Children’s Harbor work day is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday, April 29, 2011) to continue to clean up damage left by Wednesday’s tornado.  Jim Ray, Director of Children’s Harbor at Lake Martin, asks folks to bring your chain saws, rakes, etc., and help them get the area cleared off so the camp can be reopened as soon as possible.  Hear from Mr. Ray directly in the video below:

Children’s Harbor provides free camping and adventure services at Lake Martin to families who have seriously ill children.  The facilities were in the middle of the tornado’s path that cut from Trillium, across Kowalga Bay, and through Windermere.  Any help with the clean up is greatly appreciated.

Children’s Harbor website

Contact Jim Ray: (256) 749-0069   or   [email protected]

For more info on the Lake Martin tornadoes, please stay tuned to our social media attempts.  I’m constantly uploading pictures and videos to TwitterFacebook, and Flickr.