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Video Update on Lake Martin Tornado Damage

Children’s Harbor at Lake Martin Needs Help After Tornado
April 28, 2011
Lake Martin Tornado Survival Story And Damage On County Road 34
April 30, 2011

A quick update on the Lake Martin area tornado damage:  I started out yesterday (April 28, 2011) by riding a 4 wheeler around the Lake Martin Amphitheater area and into Children’s Harbor.  Several of the Russell cabins to the east of there are now totally gone.  Some had  been removed by Russell Lands before the storm, and they were planning on selling the lots there.  But now it’s pretty much leveled on that side of the slough.

Then we got in the boat, took shots of the Cocktail Slough, then went around to Windermere.  Windjammer Road, etc. seemed to be hit the hardest.  Oddly enough, there were 2 water patrol guys in that slough, one of which pulled us over and said they were watching for looting, and asked our business in the slough.

Next we went over into Blue Creek.  I heard on WSFA that Stillwaters was hit,  but it looked almost unscathed from the water.  The tornado really went north of there, where Rush Road and Sims Road turn off of Impy Road off of 34.  Mind blowing.

For everyone who has called asking about our cabin, it’s fine – thanks for asking.  Three of my fellow Lake Martin Realtors have lost their homes, but they are ok. There were fatalities in the greater Lake Martin area, and our prayers go out to those who have lost property, but even more importantly, lives.

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