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Lake Martin Dream Cabin Renovation In Parker Creek

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For so many people, Lake Martin conjures up visions of rustic, quaint cabins on tree-filled lots.  Many lake-lovers spent summers at a relative’s cabin.  Maybe they never took part in the spring removing of the ladybugs, or cared that the window unit above their bed leaked a little.  It was fun to bunk up with 4 other cousins in a room that wasn’t really a bedroom.  7 year olds don’t notice that the floor in the kitchen isn’t exactly level. But what they do remember is all they fun they had as a family . . .

So fast forward thirty years.  Wanting to re-create those laid back, family friendly memories for their own kids, a search is begun for a rustic “cabin” to call their own.  If you’ve been around the lake for any length of time, you know lots of these cabins require buyers to have a little vision.

You’ve also heard that around Lake Martin, the LOT is everything: you can change your house, but you can’t change your lot.  Many times that old, rustic cabin on the awesome lot only has one bathroom.  So you have a decision to make.  And you need a little vision.

Colin and Julie are great examples of such a vision.  A couple of years ago I had a home for sale in the Parker Creek area of Lake Martin. They loved the beautiful lot, loved the area and the cabin feel, but the house on that lot had only 2 bedrooms and one bath (and they have 4 kids).

Plus, one of those 2 bedrooms used to be a back stoop that was taken in and dubbed “The Honeymoon Suite” by the previous owners.

So they bought the location, and changed the house. And they didn’t add a lot of square footage: the only additional space comes from enlarging the existing screened porch.  They shifted some things around, and ended up with a cozy cabin that completely suits their needs.  See what you think in the above video.  I made it by mixing together some of the pictures I took from when the home was for sale, and then some pics I took after their renovation.

And here they are talking about the process of buying their cabin:

If you dream of owning that nostalgic Lake Martin cabin, let me help you with your search.  It costs a buyer nothing to have an real estate agent do the legwork.  Give me a call and let’s see what we can find!  334 221 5862