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Go Mobile For A Lake Martin Home Search

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December 6, 2011
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December 22, 2011

I have made a change to Lake Martin Voice.com for mobile users that I think will make it easier to search for a waterfront home, lot, or condo.

lake martin alabama waterfront real estate searchMost users probably won’t notice or care, but I explain here because I want to draw attention to my new mobile search for Lake Martin real estate.  Previously, I had a WordPress Plugin that would kick in when you accessed my site from an iPhone, Droid, etc.  The result was that the mobile version of my site did not look like the regular.  It categorized and summarized the articles and made reading my posts much more easy from a smart phone.

However, I have changed my mind on that.  I think that many mobile users of my site are more likely to be searching the Lake Martin MLS.  I decided to optimize the mobile experience for the best search possible.

Enter FBS Data Systems’ new Mobile Search.

FBS sells a product called FlexMLS.  FlexMLS is the software that the Lake Martin Area Association of Realtors uses for its MLS system.  I really love FlexMLS.  I have looked at a lot of other MLS software, and even dabble in another association’s, but I have yet to find a better overall MLS software system than FlexMLS.  They just seem to be out on the forefront of usable new features.  I like a company that rolls something out before I realize I need it.

FlexMLS has recently improved its mobile search for consumers (that’s you).  The search is really clean, simple, and effective.  I played around with the beta test and they have improved it since then. I love it.

Mobile users will still be able to read my blog posts, neighborhood pages, etc. But I make this change because it makes it easier to get to the search from a mobile browser.

I would like to make a few customizations for the Lake Martin market.  For instance, I would love to have the field “Waterfront” available on the default page, and defaulted to a “Yes.”  Overall, though, I am really happy with it.

Here are some more screen shots:

Once you search the Lake Martin MLS, through the mobile site or the regular version, if you see something you like, just click the smiley face next to it.  That will allow you to register for your own “portal” to login to the system.  Don’t worry, your info only comes to me.

If you have your own login, you can save your likes, dislikes, and “I’ll buy this one when I win the lottery” home.

Or, just contact me here or call me at 334 221 5862 or email me at [email protected] and let me search for you.